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General practitioners are highly trained specialists who provide a range of non-surgical health care to adult patients. They care for difficult, serious, or unusual medical problems such as fever, cold, cough, diabetes, typhoid, malaria, dengue, etc, and watch the patient until these problems resolve or stabilize. Through General Physician, we are able to cure the problems of our routine or such diseases, which arise due to normal physical problems. Under which problems like cold, cold, fever, jaundice, malaria, blood pressure, sugar, etc. are diagnosed.

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Book an appointment with Dr. Rahul Mathur at Swasthya Clinic, Jaipur for advanced treatment for general diseases such as malaria, fever, joint pain, diabetes, etc.

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Our expert general physician provides advanced treatment and provides a pain-free life.

Dr. Raman Mathur

Dr. Rahul Mathur

General Physician in Jaipur, MD (Gold Medalist)
CK Birla Hospital RBH, Jaipur

Dr. Rahul Mathur is the most trusted general physician doctor in Jaipur. He has more than 9+ years of experience in this field and provides advanced treatment of asthma, allergy, fever, diabetes, headache/migraine, etc. Dr. Rahul Mathur has undergone International Training in Internal Medicine from the United Kingdom. Currently, he is working at CK Birla Hospital RBH, Jaipur as an Associate Consultant - Internal Medicine.

Dr. Rahul Mathur: Best General Physician in Jaipur provides the best treatment for:

Dr. Rahul Mathur

Dr. Raman Mathur

Emergency Physician in Jaipur
Eternal Multispeciality Hospital (EHCC), Jaipur

Dr. Raman Mathur is a Consultant Emergency Physician in Jaipur. He has more than 7+ years of experience in treating successfully Immediate Medical Assistance In The Case Of Accidents, Grievous injuries, And Illness. He is responsible for setting standards of clinical and professional practice in emergency medicine. Currently, he is working at Eternal Multispeciality Hospital (EHCC) as a Consultant Emergency Physician.

Dr. Ramanl Mathur: Best Emergency Physician in Jaipur provides the best treatment for:

What Does A general physician Do?

General Physician is a person who treats many major diseases like cancer, fever, heart problem, paralysis, covid-19, etc. The work of curing human diseases is done by the doctor. The doctor has been given the status of God, he cures many diseases of the people and gives them life. A General Physician is called the doctor. The physician treats any kind of disease related to the health-related human body and tells about them.

The physician finds out what is the disease in the patient's body, treats him at the right time, and also makes him aware of what precautions the patient should take. They treat patients and also do operations on those patients when they have a major disease and if a patient does not have a more serious disease, then by giving medicines to those patients, they solve their problem and treat them

  • Fever/Cold/Cough
  • Asthma & Allergy
  • Dengue/Malaria
  • Covid Symptoms
  • Jaundice & Liver Diseases
  • High & Low Blood Pressure
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